Monday, 4 July 2011

Hello World... Again

It has been so long since I updated this blog. I could make excuses - I could blame exams, personal problems, whatever - but those would be lies. To put it bluntly, it's due to sheer laziness. But I have been meaning to get back into it for a while.... so. Here I am.


Um, to make this more likely to succeed and less likely to be one of those revivals that lasts for about a week, I've put together a bit of a schedule. This won'r be definite, but it provides a bit of a guide for me, and a way of keeping me going in a timely manner.

Monday - Serious post
Tuesday - Short post
Wednesday - Serious post
Thursday - Short post
Friday - Serious post
Saturday - Short post
Sunday - Short post well as a review or two, probably at the weekend. For the sake of clarification, a 'Serious post' will be one of the larger ones focussing on something I've been playing around with in my head, whereas a 'Short post' could be anything from an observation, to comments on a video, or such. In the spirit of this I'll be updating the blog in a few hours or so with a larger post, which means, yes, more overly verbose ramblings.

Thanks to anyone who still cares.

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